Vanishing of the Bees: Film Event at the Pink Door

The Pink Door owner, Jackie Roberts, and Chef Steve Smrstik have recently become avid beekeepers.   In an effort to raise awareness about the peril of the honeybee, Roberts and Smrstik will present,  “The Vanishing of The Honeybees: A Movie and Conversation at The Pink Door” this August.  Proceeds to benefit Urban Bee Project Seattle.

Please find all the details below

WHAT:  Viewing of the documentary The Vanishing of The Honeybees followed by conversation led by local “Beeks” (bee keepers)  from Seattle’s Urban Bee

WHEN:  Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 6 pm

WHERE:  The Pink Door   1919 Post Allley, Seattle, WA 98101  206.443.3241

WHY:  “Our food chain is in peril as the honeybees are perishing,” said Jackie Roberts, owner of The Pink Door. “We started this past spring with one hive in our backyard. The colony multiplied very rapidly and formed a ‘swarm’ and right before our eyes  six thousand flew bees flew onto a branch 30 feet high in our neighbor’s  back yard. It was quite thrilling. Our hope in showing this documentary, is to help educate and raise awareness about the dire situation of the honeybee and what we can all do about it as urban dwellers. Many people do not realize that without the honeybee we would not be able to enjoy many of the foods we eat.  Our front yard vegetable garden is lushly thriving thanks in great part to our phenomenal friends, the honeybees.”

DONATION:        $5.00 to attend the viewing and join the conversation. The Pink Door will be serving complimentary antipasti.

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