It’s August – Look out for mites!

Many new beekeepers ask “What does a mite look like?”, or How do I know when I have mites?”     To help identify this problem here is a picture of a single mite on a white bottom board.  As you can see, the mite is round and has a little shine of light reflecting off it’s hard shell.   All the other debris, wax scales, pollen grains etc. have rough edges.  If you see one or two mites, like this, it’s not a problem yet, but pay attention daily.   If the mite count grows to 20-30/day, you should start some form of treatment.  A good source for natural mite treatments is here: Be sure and clean off the board each time you check so you know the time span of the accumulation.  Click on the picture to enlarge it for a better look.

A single mite amid natural bee debris.

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