Two Upcoming Advanced Classes

A friend of mine, Jacqueline Freeman is offering two classes on March 31 at a farm in Snoqualmie, WA.   Here are the details:

from a very natural perspective

The Salvation of the Honeybee Kingdom:
   Swarms & Feral Bees
with Jacqueline Freeman

Saturday, March 31   10am – noon   $25

95% of all the bees kept by U.S. beekeepers come from seven companies with limited genetic diversity. As Rudolf Steiner pointed out 80 years ago, bees were going to fall into a deep struggle at the turn of the millenium in great part due to flawed breeding methods that compromise the bees’ vigor and health. Seems like we’ve fulfilled that prophecy pretty well. So if you don’t want to purchase bees, how can a beekeeper find healthy bees?

Our bees are from wild swarms with good genetic diversity. They are naturally strong and healthy and you can’t buy wildness. Learn all about feral honeybees, how to peacefully interact with them and collect a swarm of your own. You can even encourage wild swarms to populate hives on their own, a wonderful way to invite bees to come and live with you.

The Arc of Creation & The Song of Increase:  
   The Spiritual Life of the Honeybee
with Jacqueline Freeman

Saturday, March 31   1:30 – 3:30pm   $25

The core of biodynamic beekeeping is the spiritual relationship we fulfill in our partnership with the bees. Jacqueline shares images, sounds and stories of the bee kingdom through their brilliant perceptions, extraordinary senses and depthful wisdom. In the bees’ words, you’ll come to understand the role the honeybees are playing in Man’s evolution.

You’ll learn about the Unity of the Hive, their contract with Man, the surprising role of the drones, the wide range of songs they sing in their daily lives and the significance of healthy pollen, how they support the plant kingdom and how best to work alongside them in prayer and blessing.

Register for either or both classes by sending a check to Patti Pitcher
Summer Winds Farm      39819 SE 60th St.    Snoqualmie, WA  98065
Got questions? Email or call Patti at or 425-831-5360

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