Time to add boxes and check for honey stores.

April is a big month for the bees.   They are beginning their spring build up and need warmth and sunshine to get out and gather pollen and nectar for the coming brood.   They are thirsty at this time of year too, so a good fresh water source is important.   I lost a colony in March, and when I went to clean out the hive, there was not one drop of honey left.  It was a very large colony, with tens of thousands of bees, and they had starved.  No sign of disease at all, they were healthy, just empty.   The strange thing is I had been feeding regularly in February and March, and the other three colonies in the apiary still have plenty of stores.  So, another lesson from the bees.   Each colony is a unique organism, a functioning unity, with it’s own peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses.   Each colony must be assessed separately, worked with individually, and approached with an open mind toward what it needs and when.   So on a warm day, check for stores by lifting or looking, add another box if they need room to expand this spring, and feed a good ph balanced chamomile syrup if they are light of stores.

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