Swarm Season 2015 – Honeybees on the move!

It’s swarm season again,which means people all over the country will encounter lovely clusters of honeybees, hanging from all kinds of objects, waiting as their scouts look for a good home.   If you see a swarm in north Seattle or Shoreline, please call me, 206-790-0464, and I’ll be very glad to come and collect it.  Meanwhile, don’t be afraid of them, honeybees are not aggressive in general, and even less so when they swarm.  Please do not spray them with anything, even water.  But do watch this wonderful natural event.

If you live south of the Montlake cut, or in the outskirts of Seattle, contact someone from the Puget Sound Beekeepers Swarm List:  list: http://www.pugetsoundbees.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/2015PSBA-Swarm-ListAlpha.pdf    Notice it is organized by region.

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