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Slides from “Grit City Think and Drink” talk on Natural Beekeeping, 2/14/17

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Swarm Season 2015 – Honeybees on the move!

It’s swarm season again,which means people all over the country will encounter lovely clusters of honeybees, hanging from all kinds of objects, waiting as their scouts look for a good home.   If you see a swarm in north Seattle or … Continue reading

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No beekeeping classes this winter, sorry!

It is now late January and time to start thinking about beekeeping, especially if you are a beginner.  While we usually offer classes at this time of year, we are taking a breather this season in order to have time … Continue reading

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Swarm Season! Honeybees on the lookout for new homes.

Swarm season has begun!   So keep an eye out on sunny days, typically between 10:00am and 3:00pm or so.   If you see a cluster of bees on a branch or structure, don’t worry they won’t hurt you.  But … Continue reading

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Time to add boxes and check for honey stores.

April is a big month for the bees.   They are beginning their spring build up and need warmth and sunshine to get out and gather pollen and nectar for the coming brood.   They are thirsty at this time … Continue reading

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Two Upcoming Advanced Classes

A friend of mine, Jacqueline Freeman is offering two classes on March 31 at a farm in Snoqualmie, WA.   Here are the details: HONEYBEES from a very natural perspective The Salvation of the Honeybee Kingdom:    Swarms & Feral … Continue reading

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Introduction to Natural Beekeeping Class – March 10th

In response to many inquiries we are offering one Introductory class this year after all.   It will be a comprehensive introduction to natural methods for the beginning backyard beekeeper.   The class will be on Saturday March 10th, from … Continue reading

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Slide Show from PSBA meeting

Here are the slides from the September meeting of the  Puget Sound Beekeepers Association.  The topic was Natural Methods in Backyard Beekeeping.   They include a simple recipe for herbal sugar syrup. Slide show from PSBA meeting.

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It’s August – Look out for mites!

Many new beekeepers ask “What does a mite look like?”, or How do I know when I have mites?”     To help identify this problem here is a picture of a single mite on a white bottom board.  As … Continue reading

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Vanishing of the Bees: Film Event at the Pink Door

The Pink Door owner, Jackie Roberts, and Chef Steve Smrstik have recently become avid beekeepers.   In an effort to raise awareness about the peril of the honeybee, Roberts and Smrstik will present,  “The Vanishing of The Honeybees: A Movie and Conversation … Continue reading

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