Beekeeping Services

While we are primarily an education and community awareness project, we know that beekeeping can seem overwhelming to some people, even though they like the idea of having bees on their yard or property.

Swarm Collection –  We will come and collect a swarm from any location in the greater Seattle area.   We keep a list of people wanting swarms and provide them with the bees free of charge.  This is a service to the bees, since swarms are valuable and vulnerable.   See our page entitled “Bee Swarms” for more information.

Hourly Bee Keeping Consultation – We provide hourly services for bee keeping assistance and general consultation.   We have experience with alternative hive types including Kenyan top bar hives, Warré hives and the traditional Langstroth hives.

The hourly rate for consultation is $30.

For either service call Lauren at 206-790-0464.


2 Responses to Beekeeping Services

  1. Joyce Ford says:

    There are bees nesting in my dryer. They came in through the vent. I would like them gone. What should I do?

  2. Denny Redman says:

    Hi Lauren, My name is Denny Redman. I am a member of Puget Sound Beekeepers and if I recall correctly, you spoke to our group about a year or so ago. I thought your talk was very helpful and encouraging and although I’ve been busy with a lot of other endeavors, I haven’t forgotten your talk. So I was wondering if you might be able to come out to Duvall on the second Wednesday of April and give a talk on bees (hosted by the Duvall Cultural Commission of which I am a volunteer in charge of speaker series) and what your fee might be for a talk on beekeeping for the general community for possibly up to an hour with questions afterwards perhaps. If you might be willing or need further info I would provide all the details etc.

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